Top 10 DIY Blends For A Beautiful You!

Let’s get creative in the kitchen ladies- Here’s the good news though, we’re not cooking this time! We’re whipping up something heavenly, for a healthier, prettier you.

  1. For super rad, surf-style hair- spray in a mixture of water and salt to really bring that ocean look to life.
  2. Relax after a long day at work in a bath. That’s already relaxing enough now add rosewater and coconut milk to the mix and slowly drift away to dreamland.
  3. Skip the gym and tone your skin by simply drinking more H20 and green tea. They both do wonders for your skin and muscles.
  4. Treat that dry scalp of yours in the winter with a mix of safflower oil and sunflower oil. Massage it in, your scalp will thank you and you’ll feel great that you don’t have to itch or worry about dandruff anymore!
  5. Scrub your lips in the winter too and avoid those red, dry cracks, ouch! Treat lips with petroleum jelly with a little added unrefined sugar to create the scrub affect.
  6. Highlight your hair without the use of harsh products- sweep hair lightener through your hair with hands, just stir lemon juice and chamomile tea together and reap the benefits of softly, sun-kissed locks.
  7. Prewash your hair with heated olive oil for a simply sleep look and an irresistibly soft-to-the-touch feel. Once complete, wash, condition, and rinse like normal.
  8. Exfoliate your dry skin with brown sugar and milk instead of harsh products and scrubs.
  9. If your face is giving you a hard time with sensitive dryness and red patches, skip the store-bought chemicals and go straight for the kitchen cabinet. Lather yogurt and honey onto your face and rub in. Easy as that!
  10. For an intense moisturizing scrub for your hands and feet- mix essential oils (cinnamon, almond, allspice, and sandalwood) with Epsom salt and layer on to let sit or rub it in and wipe off the excess.

Ann Sandretto – Editor-In-Chief – Always New You

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