Three Steps for Healthy Glowing Skin

The best makeup trend this season – and every season – is clear, smooth, and glowing skin.  The proper canvas will set the perfect stage for whichever look you choose to show off.  There are a few steps necessary to help you pull off these behind-the-scene-type efforts that will leave your skin fresh and beautiful.

Following are 3 steps from our panel of expert contributors that if applied to your daily skin care regimen will give your look the foundation it needs to shine.

Step One: Polish Your Canvas

If you exfoliate your skin gently, and on a regular basis, your skin will glow and shine and will help all other products, such as make-up, sunscreen, moisturizer, self-tan, etc., be more effective, because you are putting them on a healthier and more polished “canvas”.

Roberta Perry, Founder/President, Scrubz Body Scrub, Inc.,

Step Two: Moisturize

Women need to hydrate twice a day, and not just with water! Your skin needs moisturizing too! Washing your face is the first step, afterwards, moisturize up, day and night. That gets the face ready for any other products you will be placing on it.

I always recommend using a face powder, even if you don’t wear foundation. It gives a clean flawless finish so you can start the day right. I always feel that less is more. For daytime, powder, blush, mascara and a touch of shadow is perfect! You can always apply more product after work if you are going out for happy hour, or have a work event.

Less product means less touch-up throughout the day. Products like Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Pressed Powder has SPF included and wears for over 10 hours! No touch-ups needed!

Heather Adessa, Makeup Artist, Makeup & Hair by Heather A.,

Step Three: Perfect Foundation

Unless you are starring in one of Broadway’s stunning musicals, heavy and cakey makeup is definitely not fit for everyday use. A foundation is one of the most basic items that you should have in your makeup kit. However, the thing with foundations is that most people don’t know how to use them properly! Here are some of my basic tidbits:

  • Start with a fresh, polished, moisturized skin.
  • Less is more, so apply only a tiny amount and blend on the face and neck.
  • Set your foundation with a little powder.
  • For touch ups, use a blotting powder first before retouching with powder.

Reena Mariel, Blogger,

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