The Most Important Tip for Beautiful Skin – Part II

Facial Skin CareIn Part I we talked about the importance of finding the perfect shade of foundation as the most basic facial skin care advice from professional makeup artists. In Part II, we are going to discuss how the foundation relates to your specific skin type. 

Oily Skin Tips

For oily skin, look for all natural skin care products that have words like oil control or oil free on the liquids, powders, or sticks.  For minimal coverage, smooth on the product only where your skin tone is uneven and set it with powder.  Oil free liquids tend to produce a natural effect.  If your skin is very shiny, you might consider a product containing oil absorbent powders to give your skin more of a matte finish.  Many natural skin care product lines even contain salicylic acid to fight acne.  Other products might be based with silicone, which help them slide easily and evenly on your skin.  

Combination Skin Tips

Health and beauty experts say most of us have combination skin.  Combination skin is if your skin is mostly dry.  For combination skin, try a moisturizing foundation.  Conversely, if it’s mostly oily, go with oil-free cream-to-powder bases, which makeup artists say work very well on combination complexions that may have very oily areas.  Cream-to-powder bases will cut the shine and provide ample coverage.  The most scientific cosmetic chemistry blends generally will be from a premium natural skin care product line.  Most balancing formulations designed specifically for combination skin will actually integrate powders that absorb the sebum and emollients that moisturize dry patches.

Dry Skin Tips

If you’re among the millions of women that have problematic dry skin, the best facial skin care advice for you is to look for a base with moisturizing properties.  Natural skin care product lines are bottles with the words hydrating or moisture-rich on their labels. Liquid foundations hide flaky skin best as long as they’re oil and water formulations designed to hydrate parched skin.  Be sure to avoid purely water-based foundation products as recent skin care advice documents they can actually accentuate dry, scaly complexions.  Hydrating foundations promise a satin finish and give the skin a subtle glow.  A matte appearance is highly desirable and can be obtained by finding base products containing skin softening ingredients like vitamin E.


One final piece of facial skin care advice is foundation application.  Many women think powder is hopelessly old-fashioned but it’s shown to be excellent for holding foundation and concealer in place, creating a smooth finish for blush and eye shadow.  Powder also helps the skin keep a lustrous finish.  The best part, health and beauty experts remind us, is its wonderful role as an instant cosmetic touch-up.  A quick dab on your nose is the fastest, most foolproof way to reduce shine and tone-down uneven color. Just remember the risk with powder is that, if you pick the wrong color or consistency, it will give you a strange appearance.

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