The Most Important Tip for Beautiful Skin – Part I

Health and BeautyHealth and beauty experts have found that finding the right shade, no the perfect shade, of foundation is the most important cosmetic tip for beautiful skin.

The perfect shade of foundation should vanish into your skin without a trace so, when shopping for foundation, do it in person and don’t ever buy base without trying it on. 

Here’s How To Test Before You Buy!

Show up with a clean, bare face and select a couple of shades that seem close to your natural skin tone.  Professional makeup artists’ believe that yellow-based formulations look the best, are the warmest, and the most natural on all skin tones, however, if you’re extremely fair try something a bit pinker and cooler.

Then, apply small amounts around your jawline, not your hand or inner wrist as is often recommended.  This way you can make sure the base matches your face and your neck, helping to avoid the dreaded mask look.  Now stand back and take a good look.  Stand as close to as much natural light as possible, use a good hand mirror, and examine your skin closely.  The correct shade for you is the one you can’t see because it blends in perfectly.  Keep in mind your skin color will change through the seasons, so you need to adjust foundation shades accordingly.  Professional makeup artists and health and beauty experts agree that a good foundation is worth spending money on because it’s so crucial that the tone and product be customized to your skin.  All natural skin care products such as those found at are highly recommended even though it may cost a few dollars more.  If you can’t make an accurate assessment, buy two different shades and use them on alternating days to pick the absolute right color.

Next, health and beauty experts say to find a base designed specifically for your skin type. Once you’ve picked the perfect shade, the next step is to nail down the proper formulation that will match your skin type and provide the specific kind of coverage that you need.

Our final cosmetic tip is when choosing a formulation it is a simple matter of reading a label.  For instance, oil control foundation contains oil absorbing powders to prevent skin from becoming shiny or greasy and moisture-rich foundations contain hydrating ingredients to help keep dry skin feeling like soft and supple.  If a container lists fancy sounding antioxidants or sunscreens, think of them as bonus ingredients.  Just to be safe, you should always wear sunscreen under your base.


In Part II, we will talk about specific skin types (oily skin, combination skin, and dry skin) and how to know which products are best suited for your skin type.

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