The 4 Must-Have Beauty Tips!

Start your fall health and beauty tips regimen with these key beauty secrets:


4 beauty tips you must have

Keep Your Foundation Looking Natural – Want your foundation to look flawless and natural instead of dull or cakey? Here’s a beauty tip using moisturizer. "Put a tiny dab of moisturizer on your fingertips, rub them together, then gently pat the pads of your fingertips over any cakey area," says makeup artist Shannon Gray Williams. "That hint of moisture will give your foundation a more natural finish without smearing the rest of your makeup!"

Get Your Hair Growing – Want your hair to grow faster? Try this massage from Patricia Goroway, author of Facial Fitness. "Place both hands under your hair anywhere on the scalp. Then gently lift the hair from the roots and hold for three seconds. Repeat the technique throughout your whole head, says Goroway. It increases blood circulation to the scalp, which promotes hair growth and feels really relaxing!"

Pick Your Perfect Mascara – Not sure which mascara is the right one for you? It depends on how thick our lashes are naturally! If your lashes are super-thick, you need a brush with dense enough bristles that’ll reach between your lashes. If your lashes are more sparse, bristles that are spaced apart won’t overpower and clump up your lashes.

Give Your Favorite Shade A Color Boost – Here’s a favorite celebrity beauty tips. "To easily intensify the color of your favorite lipstick or eye shadow, just sweep on a neutral shade, like pale ivory or nude, before you apply it," says Williams. "The neutral shade turns your natural skin tone into a blank slate, so the color you glide over it becomes extra-rich!"


Start your fall health and beauty tips regimen with celebrity beauty tips, beginning with getting your hair to grow faster and fuller, which gives your favorite shade a boost!


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