Professional Tips To Becoming 40 and Sexy

40 and SexyAs we age, women are always searching for ways to be 40 and sexy!  We got some great tips from six professionals. Here’s what they had to say:

#1 – Act As If You Are Beautiful

I am 41 and my tip for convincing people that I am still beautiful and sexy is to act as if I am beautiful. Six years ago I lost a substantial amount of weight – I went from a size 20 to a size 4. I’ve been able to maintain this weight loss, but it’s been a difficult thing to wrap my mind around. I’ve gone from knowing that people are staring at me for being heavy to having to understand that they may be looking at me because they like what they see.  In short, act as if you are beautiful, behave as if you are, and others will believe it as well.

Carmen Staicer – Chief Mom at Diets In Review
Mom to the Screaming Masses
– A story of one woman’s insanity with her six kids

#2 – How to Have The Most Beautiful Hands

Our hands are our fastest aging body part – due to constant use and exposure – and they can actually make you look and feel older than you really are! As we reach our forties our hands get even dryer than they have ever been and aging is accelerated. Take matters into your own hands and follow my quick and easy tips for soft, ageless hands easily and quickly:

  1. Wash with a gentle, sulfate free cleanser to nourish hands – rather than harsh soaps or dehydrating anti-bacterials that strip the delicate skin! Also keep dishwashing gloves around for cleaning and messy situations so you can actually avoid further non-essential hand washing. Remember to gently pat dry – do not stretch out the skin.
  2. Replenish the moisture after you wash your hands. Look for a nutrient-rich cream that is loaded with skin-friendly fatty acids and antioxidants to nourish the delicate skin of the hands, while helping combat signs of skin aging (lines, wrinkles, age spots). Petroleum-free formulas are designed to stay on through multiple washings – without any sticky tackiness. Plus optics technology helps improve the appearance (texture and tone) of hands instantly.
  3. Take a minute each day to focus on your nails and cuticles, become less reliant on costly manicures, and work on helping your nails look good naked! Apply a gentle nail-specific oil to condition dry, jagged cuticles and nourish and strengthen nails. Gently push back cuticles with a washcloth while you are in the shower – or after you have applied oil to avoid the need to cut. It only takes a minute and makes a HUGE difference.
  4. Use an overnight hand-specific serum to capitalize on the body's circadian rhythms to give the skin of your hands an overnight boost while not in use!
  5. Get in the habit of treating your hands like jewels – not tools. And use the tools to help you – letter openers, scissors, bottle openers all help us avoid hand harm.

Ellen Sirot – Hand Care Consultant –

#3 – 40+ Tips

  1. Staying young is a daily to do
  2. Getting the right amount of sleep for you regularly is key.  Our body regenerates when we sleep, so we should let it do so nightly.
  3. Eating whole, pure foods and drinking enough water daily is also key.  I follow the rule of drinking half my body weight in water daily.  Foods with the least ingredients are typically the cleanest; i.e. roast chicken: chicken, olive oil, lemon, herbs, salt & pepper.
  4. Exercising in some way every day is also part of the equation. Secreting hormones such as dopamine, endorphins help those of us over 40 so much.
  5. Use lotion or some type of moisturizer after each shower.

Karen Crouse – Mount Veeder Magic Vineyards –

#4 – Looking Sexy Over 40

Color is Key: Experts say the single thing that makes the most difference in our apparent age is to color our hair instead of allowing it to go gray. That does not mean we have to keep the same color we had. In fact, going a shade lighter or warmer can look softer and less harsh.
As a color expert, I recommend you find your best colors for clothing and accessories, the colors that make your skin glow and your eyes sparkle.

Barbara DesChamps – Image Consultant and Author –

#5 – Dress For Your Personality

One key secret to looking and feeling sexy is to dress for who you are – your unique personality, and NOT according to the fashions being flaunted in magazines and other media. You can weave in an on-trend item to your look, sure. But don't overhaul your style every time the seasons, and stock in stores, change. The key to being able to do this is to determine your personal, signature style – and develop a working wardrobe around that. To stop you from slipping into a stodgy, static style – weave in some items from current fashion trends to keep your look fresh and interesting. All this may take is one or two key pieces added per season (or year).

Sexy women know that true style starts from within. It's visible from the outside, yes – but its genesis is from knowing who you are and having the confidence to express that in what you wear. Dressing for your unique personality and developing a signature style is one great to way look, and feel, beautiful and sexy – at any age.

Jill Chivers – Shop Your Wardrobe –

#6 – Move It Through Midlife and Beyond!

30 – 60 minutes of stretching and toning moves that you enjoy doing at least 3 times a week, with a dash of cardio thrown in, will keep you radiant from 40 to 100. Exercise keeps body and mind young and healthy, and spirits high. When you're healthy and happy you ARE beautiful and sexy.

Movement is a youth elixir. Mix-up this healing potion so you don't get bored. Have fun. Experiment. Some movement practices to explore: all kinds of yoga; Pilates (both mat class and on the equipment) dance (from belly to ballroom), get outdoors and hike or swim, or take up tennis or golf.

Tannis Kobrinsky – Health Habitravels –

Remember, if you’re looking to be 40 and Sexy, following these great tips will take you there. 

40 and SexyWhat are your tips for being "40 and Sexy?"  Join the discussion at my discreet community – Women's Health and Beauty Answers – to see what real women are saying, and to share your secrets!

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