Over 40 Summer Beauty Trends!

Summer Beauty TipsIf you are over 40 and looking for summer beauty tips, listen to what the pros say.  We polled two noted experts in the area of cosmetology and dermatology.  Here are their comments:

#1 – Feeling Peachy about the Summer

One summer beauty trend women over 40 should try is peach blush. The great thing about peach blush is it is appropriate for all ages and skin types. Peach blush can be powdered or creamy. However, for a younger, more dewy look creamy blush will be perfect for women wanting to change up their makeup routine. A dab of peach blush on the apples of your cheeks will give your face just the amount of color your face needs this summer. So I encourage all women over 40 to try something new and experiment with peach blush.

Whitney Edden – Cliche Cosmetics – http://clichecosmetics.com/

#2 – Top Beauty Blunders at Every Age

  • Ditching the heavy makeup will take 10 years off your appearance in 10 minutes! Pancakes are delicious but not attractive. One of the worst beauty blunders is to wear obvious foundation or powder. Makeup should make you look great, but if it draws attention to itself then you aren't fooling anyone.
  • While a pop of color on eyes or lips can look adorable at any age, your skin should look like skin and not be covered in pancake makeup. Thick foundation or powder will ultimately accentuate pores, lines, and blemishes and make people’s eyes unconsciously search for what you're trying too hard to cover. If you have acne bumps or under-eye circles you'd like to hide, spot cover those areas with lightweight concealer with super fine pigment particles.
  • If you have red blotches or brown sunspots that you're trying to cover, go with lasers, not layers of makeup, to even out your skin tone so that you won't have to try to conceal them.
  • Eyebrows frame the eyes – don't walk around with a crooked frame! We all have natural asymmetries in our faces, but I see so many people with off-kilter brows. It is incredibly beneficial to have a professional brow shaping so that someone who sees your face as others see you (and not as you see yourself, which is often a very different thing!) can assess what brow shape best suits your face. Often, you can maintain that shape on your own and won't need to keep up with professional brow grooming, but some women rely on that as a beauty ritual to keep them on track. One common mistake is over-tweezing. Having very thin brows doesn't really lift the appearance of the lid, it just makes you look permanently surprised and can emphasize the drooping of the upper eyelid.

Dr. Noelle SherberFacebookTwitterhttp://www.crmdermatology.com/v2/node/49

So, if you want to keep up with current fashion trends for your age, go to the experts!

Summer Beauty TipsWhat are your “summer beauty tips” for women over 40?  Join the discussion at my discreet community – Women's Health and Beauty Answers – to see what real women are saying, and to share your secrets!

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