Makeup Ideas for the Season

‘Tis the season for many things, celebrations, gratitude, friendship, gift-giving, and more.  Our experts have provided us with unique and practical ideas for changing over our look from fall fashion to the excitement of the holidays!  Try using the following makeup ideas for your next holiday function!

It’s the Holidays! Have fun with your face!

Holidays give us the opportunity to really have some fun with make up. Metallics and colors are hot this season and you can change up your look in several fun (and inexpensive) ways; especially for evenings out.

Don’t be shy! For example, if you normally use a gray eyeshadow on your lids, why not try a silver metallic instead? Or be bold and try a green or blue shade. If you usually wear a light color lipstick, check out an amazing red or burgundy tone. Find a subtle highlighter and apply to your cheekbones or just under the eyebrow. Play with false eyelashes.

One note of caution: A little sparkle goes a long way. If you are featuring a sparkling eyeshadow, keep the rest of your face glitter-free. You don’t want to wind up looking like a disco ball. Visit a makeup counter to experiment with what works for you and enjoy yourself. ‘Tis the season to shine!

Carole Brody Fleet, Author / CEO, Widows Wear Stilettos 

Make room for the new additions to your vanity using the following counter measures!

Counter Measures

If your bathroom has only a sink and no vanity counter, here is a great way to increase your makeup area in a flash! Purchase a simple cutting board made of polypropylene in a size slightly larger than your sink below and place it over the sink to create instant counter space for your products. And if you spill anything, it can be easily washed right in the sink. Afterwards, simple store it away for next time.

Susie Galvez, Beauty Expert and Author

Do you have great makeup tips? Consider cosmetology classes from online universities.

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