Learn What’s Hot in Spring Makeup

Do you know when was the last time you changed your mascara? or your liquid foundation? Yeah, me neither. Do a little spring cleaning and learn a good rule of thumb to use when keeping your makeup bag fresh and free of bacteria so there are no surprises when you look into your bathroom mirrors.

Spring makeup trends are popping up with the flowers this year. Learn what’s in for a fresh, new look this spring season.

Out with the Old

Season changes are the best way to remember to replace liquid cosmetics such as eyeliner, mascara, liquid foundation, etc. I like to use my old mascara as a brow grooming tool. The mascara brush grooms them beautifully and the bit of remaining brown mascara gives them of bit of depth until my next brow color. – Brows lighten the quickest and I only get them colored every time I have my hair done, so this is a quick tip to save a bit of money and time between colors.

Becky Sturm, CEO Founder, StormSister Spatique

Spring Makeup Trends

For Eyes:

Purples and plums are the hottest trend. A little darker in the crease and then a lighter lavender highlight under the brow and on the lid. Long thick fabulous lashes are all the rage. Either use a lash primer under your mascara or try some false lashes. I like the individual lashes. Simply dip the end in lash glue and attach it to the lash line. The individuals allow you to create more fullness where you need it or accentuate the outer corners.

For Lips:

Corals and raspberries are the hot colors. But if you do a more dramatic eye, stay more neutral on the lips and use lighter shades or lighter pigments of these colors. If you like a bolder brighter lip eyes should be less dramatic and more neutral in the brown tones. Makeup is definitely heavier and bolder than ever before.

For Nails:

Corals are big as well as peaches and dark pinks.

For Hair:

No more stick straight locks. Instead a softer wave is the look of the moment. You can’t go wrong with a fabulous red which is all the rage.

Erika Katz, DIY Beauty Expert, Bonding Over Beauty

What spring makeup trends have you incorporated into your routine?

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