How To Play With Color Blocking – 3 Ways!

20a9a96a0ccbe6c6fbc26ea1d2c5f30bRemember when you had lots of fun with that large box of crayons as a kid?Well now, you can do that and  think outside of the box with color blocking and your clothing. Color blocking allows you to use combinations of colors that you wouldn’t ordinarily wear together or at all. It also enhances, updates and expands your current wardrobe. It’s as easy as 1-2-3, here’s how:

1. Go shopping, not buying! Visit department stores and study the outfits on mannequins that don color blocking. See something you like? Take photos of the outfits you like and then try them on. Get out of your comfort zone and see how you look in the mirror. Like it on? Think about the 1 piece you could add to your current wardrobe to introduce this concept.

2. Start at the bottom. Sometimes it’s easier to introduce a new color or color combination if you do it away from your face. For instance, mustard yellow is popular this fall and many women aren’t comfortable wearing any shade of yellow. Find a pair of colored jeans and wear them with a neutral top. You can have an updated wardrobe that works for you by adding select pants or a skirt.


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3. It’s the little things that count! Have a great purple sweater? Add a wide orange belt. Love that red dress of yours? Accessorize with pinks and oranges. Use accessories to color block. Wide belts, big purses or totes, and shoes are easy ways to add a complementary combination. Adding a non-matching element is a great strategy, too.

Try some of these tips and be ready for the compliments!

Denise Levine is a Professional Organizer, Image Consultant at “Outside In Organizer and Makeovers”


About The Author: Denise Levine is the owner of Outside In Organizer and Makeovers. She is committed to finding women and men who are ready to look their absolute best in the body they’re in today! Through “shop in your closet”, “try don’t buy” and personal shopping sessions she helps bring out that inner beauty to foster confidence!

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