Beauty Tips You Need to Know

Listed below are some health and beauty home-remedy beauty tips:

Beauty Tips

  1. To heal dry skin, a rash, or eczema – wash in your breakfast.  Although oatmeal is a century old skin smoother, researchers recently documented the avenanthramides in oats as the key compound that smoothes inflamed, itchy skin.  Put whole oats in a clean, dry sock, seal the opened end with a rubber band, and drop the sock into a warm hot bath and soak in it for 20 minutes.
  2. Relieve Puffy, Tired Eyes – Black tea is full of astringent compounds called tannins that can help deflate and tighten the bags under your eyes.  Activate the tannins in the tea bag by dipping it in a cup of hot water for several minutes, cool it in the fridge, then apply the damp bag as a compress to closed eyes for 10 minutes.
  3. To whiten stained teeth – crush a few fresh strawberries into a scrubbing pulp that you mix with a pinch of stain removing baking soda and enough water to make a paste.  Apply the mixture to a soft bristled toothbrush, polish for a few minutes every 3 months.  More often will erode tooth enamel.  The astringent malic acid in strawberries helps buff coffee and red wine stains from the teeth.

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