Beauty Tips and Secrets For Fall Fashion

As Your Wardrobe Changes for the Season, So Must Your Makeup

For season makeup help, refer to department store catalogs. The higher end stores will feature top makeup trends and colors, including nail polish colors that enhance the current color forecast for that season.

Fashion this season requires a pop of color on the face. Cool and warm-toned skin both look amazing with a red lip that has yellow undertones. A red lip is a 2011 necessity for this year’s fashion.

For women over 35, try changing your makeup base to a dewy, light reflective liquid to protect the skin from harsh elements and help you appear fresh.

Sarah Kurn, Master Esthetician/Owner, Sarah Kurn Skincare, LLC,

Skip The Black Eye-Liner!

Eyeliner comes in colors other than black for a reason! Black eyeliner can often be too harsh and aging. Instead of black for a daytime look opt for brown or grey instead. Both colors are very soft yet dark enough to provide subtle definition. Save the black for your night on the town but use it with a light hand!

Ashley Pena, Editor In Chief, 

Thanks to our experts for their great beauty tips and secrets!

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