3 Unique Ways to Stay Sexy Over 40

sexy over 40

Reviewing expert tips on staying sexy over 40 is one of my favorite jobs as an editor!

We get all kinds of suggestions from wardrobe to hair color to inner beauty. But, in the last round of tips we received, these 3 really stood out to me as unique:

Tip #1: Strike a Pose!

Schedule a consultation with a local glamour photographer. Tell the consultant that you want the sexiest, prettiest, most beautiful picture of yourself you've ever had. Then shut up, listen, and take notes.

Schedule the first available photo shoot possible. Buy at least one portrait-sized and one carry-around-sized picture. DISPLAY them in places where they will reinforce YOU most.

— Eden Sterlington, Sterlington International, Inc.

Tip #2: Be on Time

Anyone you keep waiting — a man or woman, another couple, lunch or dinner partner, party guests, whoever — will find you far more beautiful if you don't keep them waiting, no matter how much pancake make-up, nail polish, eye liner, accessories or stinky fragrance you have to forego in order to show up on time.

— Steve Silberberg, Fitpacking.com

Tip #3: Keep your wit charming, not harming …

You're intelligent and charming and you have a silver tongue in the professional world. It's fun to banter with men who can take the heat. But it's not always the best policy to use it on your spouse or partner as a way to flirt, or on your employer to show your prowess. Men often engage in like-kind responses – so the funniest comments are those that may hit a little too close to home. Ouch, that can leave a mark. Instead, when you find yourself going from funny banter to borderline insults, turn the corner with a genuine comment about how you feel: "You have a sense of humor that makes me smile." We all know how much men love their compliments!

— Lori Volkman, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and blogger, www.wittylittlesecret.com

Thanks for the tips Eden, Steve and Lori!

If you'd like to see more ways to keep feeling and looking sexy well past 40 – check out these 15 Tips for Looking Sexy Over 40.

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