What’s Hot in Spring Makeup for 2012?

It’s official!  Spring is in the air and we are talking all about the fresh face of spring.  Learn what items to add to your spring makeup bag that will give you a fresh, up-to-date look!

Beauty in Bloom

Now that spring is finally here, the flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining, and it’s time to change up your make-up routine. Since the weather is heating up, it’s a great time to re-evaluate the products you’ve been using.

Fresh Foundation:

Rather than relying on a heavier foundation, switch to a tinted moisturizer with SPF. That will help your skin breathe in hotter climates, while still giving you even-tone and sun damage protection.

Fresh Color Palette

Pastels are a refreshing trend this season. So why not incorporate these fresh colors into your make-up palette? Mints, lavenders, pinks… they are all universally-flattering shades that work on most skin colors.

Fresh Lips

And last but certainly not least are lip color options. During winter, lips tend to get chapped easily due to a combo of cold weather and wind, but now that spring is upon us, it’s time to toss the heavy cream lipstick and opt for an illuminating lip gloss in a bright berry tone or soft rose shade.

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Shades of New Beginnings

Shades of New Beginnings Spring holds the essence of life, new beginnings and renewal! As we watch color emerge from a dull landscape, we are energized by the softness and freshness of Spring. Here are 3 quick ideas on creating your own personal springtime renewal and updating your budding beauty style:

1. Add a new breath of soft color with modern pastel shades for your nails.
There are so many unique shades of nail enamel available, and this is an immediate style update, without a huge investment. For an even more dramatic change, choose 2 new shades and wear one on your fingernails, and perhaps something even more daring on your toenails.

2. Continue the youthfulness of Spring with a fuller, softer brow.
Brows for the season are more natural looking, so use a light tweezing touch to enhance a feminine soft brow shape, enhanced with a brow powder for definition.

3. The color of the year is Tangerine.
Customize your own personal shade of tangerine in new lip color shade that defines your personality and style. If you are bold and dramatic, choose a hot shade of tangerine and enjoy all the attention. If you prefer a more subtle approach, select a sheer orange gloss, or perhaps layer a tangerine shade over a caramel lipstick color for a muted reflection of warmth.

Whatever color choices you add to your Spring collection, make sure that it’s a pure reflection of you, and consider today your day for new beginnings!

Rebecca Herrera, Beauty Industry Consultant – Professional Speaker, Speaking of Beauty LLC

What fun and daring colors have you incorporated into your spring makeup palette?

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