Welcome Back the 80’s!

Top makeup trends for 2012 include bright, bold, and that’s right…  NEON colors.  Leggings aren’t the only 80’s trend making a comeback.  Learn how to sport this bold look using the right balance of colors in your makeup application.

Neon colors are all of the rage for this upcoming spring season! You want neon in your clothes, on your eyes, in your jewelry, but NOT all at once! Neon is fantastic when it adds that pop of color to your outfit – remember, your goal isn’t to look like someone out of 1986.

When using neon colors in your makeup, the simplest way to apply this trend is by grabbing a neon colored lip gloss or lipstick. Keeping the rest of your makeup natural, and your outfit in neutral tones, the neon lip will be a bold statement.

If you dare to go a little further, use a nude lip gloss or lip stick, and add neon eyeliner or eye shadow to your daily routine! Wearing blacks and greys in your outfit and popping some neon pink on your eyes is a fun way to play with this trend!

Heather C. Adessa, Owner, Makeup by Heather A.

Neon colors are going to be hot this upcoming season. Although the thought of Neon Colors brings you back to the 80’s it wont be that drastic. Bright colors, especially somewhat neon colors, on the lips are very hot right now!

The jolt of color is great especially for this season. You can achieve that with a nude eye and pop it with the color on the lip and vice versa. When creating the nude eye its nice to add definition to the eye with a liquid eyeliner, then apply a pop of bright neon lipgloss or lipstick to the lip.

Josephine Fusco, Makeup Artist and Skincare Expert, Makeup by Josephine

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