Tummy Tucks Myths and Facts

I've been asking plastic surgeons to weigh in on the procedures that they perform – including tummy tucks.

I thought that you'd like these two tummy tuck myths on either side of the coin:

  • First – It's a myth that you can tighten abdominal skin through exercise
  • Second – It's a myth to think of a tummy tuck as a weight loss operation

Sound like I'm contradicting myself? Well… with help from today's expert Plastic Surgeons, I'm sure it'll all make a lot more sense:

Myth: One May Tighten The Abdominal Skin by Exercising. 

 Many believe that if one works out out enough, loose or sagging abdominal skin will tighten or otherwise improve.

The reality is that exercise will strengthen muscle and maybe decrease fat, but in mature persons (>35), skin that is redundant, loose, and stretched, is not going to tighten. In fact it may become more lax with weight loss (or liposuction alone).
This is why the tummy tuck works so well, as it is the only treatment that addresses loose skin, loose musculature, and excess fat all together.

Myth: Tummy Tuck is a Weight Loss Operation.  

Facts: Tummy tuck surgery (abdominoplasty) is an operation designed to improve the abdominal contour and restore the hourglass figure. Surprisingly, patients do not lose much weight at all with these operations. The amount of tissue that is removed does not carry much weight. However, tummy tuck can be done to tighten the abdominal wall, especially after childbirth, and significantly improve a woman's shape around her tummy. Liposuction is also frequently done at the same time to further improve the results.

— Jeremy Warner, MD, NorthShore Plastic Surgery Center  

So, you can't "exercise" your loose skin away… that's what a tummy tuck is for. But, the tummy tuck (alone) does not remove fat… though, the muscle tightening and overall contouring offers the same and even better results.

Thanks to Dr's Gayaoso and Warner for clearing that up!

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