Time Saving Eye Makeup Tips

Many mornings we find ourselves flying out the door, rushing to work with barely a sip taken of our coffee. ┬áThese mornings are usually the ones you’ll find me applying mascara in my rear view mirror at every stop light.

Here are a few eye makeup tips from makeup artist, Jessica Metivier, who gives us a fast and easy, yet professional and modern, application lesson that will still leave time for that much needed cup of Joe.

Time Saving Eye Makeup Tips

Wearing make-up to the office is sometimes a must to make you look – and most importantly feel- polished a put together. But really, who wants to wake up an extra 30 minutes early on a Monday morning?!

By following my few simple tips, 5 minutes, max, is all you need for your peepers to bat their way confidently out of the door each and every weekday morning.

1. Once your face is prepped, time to move onto the eyes. Start with a an eye shadow primer to prevent mid-day creasing.

2. Use a bone or vanilla colored shadow from lash line to brow bone, bringing it into the inner corners for an eye-opening pop (this also makes you look more awake!).

3. With a fluffy contour brush, apply a taupe or toasty colored matte shadow to the crease, blending well. Using a smaller, stiffer brush, lightly apply the same color under the lower lash line.

4. An espresso colored liner will be your best friend in a pinch! Create a thin line on the top lash line, then use a slanted angle brush to blend for a muted, yet sexy, smokey effect. Use whatever is left on the brush to blend into the outer bottom corner.

5. A quality eyelash curler will open your eyes better than any espresso, and follow up with two coats of mascara.

And you’re done! Keeping the rest of your face in similar tones makes for easy application, but also keeps your look monochromatic and modern.

Jessica Metivier, Make-up Artist

What is your favorite early morning makeup tip that saves you time getting out the door?

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