The Most Important Health and Beauty Secrets

Health and Beauty SecretsOne of the best kept Health and Beauty Secrets is to use the correct pH of all products used on your skin.  The recommended pH is 5.5 and certified dermatologist-tested at that level. The next beauty secret is to use natural skin care products that are 100% formulated without animal products or by-products.  Only plants and herbs together, improved through science and technology, offer superior benefits.

Natural beauty is individuality.  It is also glowing health and vitality, it is awareness and action, it is science and technology and, of course, well groomed looks, perfectly nourished skin, and a toned and balanced body.  We are no longer interested in finding quick cover-up effects but want long-range anti-aging natural beauty secrets to make us look and feel younger.

There’s a whole lot more to being beautiful than just your physical looks alone.  It is true, natural beauty and making the most of what you have by looking after yourself and showing off your best.

Some of the most satisfactory health and beauty secrets are those you can make yourself with familiar ingredients.  Old-fashioned beauty recipes handed down through the years, added to and improved upon, often turn out to be the most valuable of all beauty secrets.  It will take time to determine which ones are the best for your particular skin type.

The traditional smoky-eye makeup colors are, of course, black or grey.  You are, however, not limited to these color choices, you can also use less intense colors such as violet, chocolate, coffee, dark pink, copper, dark green, dark blue, or purple.  Remember, when choosing eye shadow shades that colors should be chosen keeping in mind your eye color, hair color, and skin tone, and not the color of the clothes you wear.  For smoky-eye makeup, you will need to choose 2 color coordinated eye shadows.

Since the days of antiquity, the aloe vera plant has been a popular healing remedy for many different types of diseases and conditions, and also as an aid in the promotion of greater health.  Without a doubt, aloe vera’s most popular use is in the promotion of health and healing for the skin.

Anti aging starts on the inside, we all age at different rates depending on how well we look after ourselves.  You can have control over the aging process, all you need to do is use anti aging skin care products and follow a few simple guidelines.  Pursuing natural beauty secrets for anti aging is not vanity; it is an essential way to build-up confidence without which there is little achievement in anything.

Beauty advice that is not strictly guided by products 100% without mineral oil are not beauty secrets to be used.  Mineral oil is occlusive that interferes with skin functions and otherwise scientifically advanced delivery systems.  Think about smearing mineral oil on skin that is already even slightly oily and how the outcome could only be an oilier complexion.

If you are truly passionate about carressable skin, one of nature's health and beauty secrets is the total avoidance of products including dyes or chemical fragrances.

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