Natural Beauty From At Home Spa Services?

Natural Beauty LookMost of us are big fans of wireless connections. They let us plug-in wherever we find ourselves, access all kinds of information, and interact with others more efficiently. In our quest for a natural beauty look, most of us don’t realize that a similar invisible connectivity is in place in our bodies. A wireless energy matrix whose circuits flow in and around us needs to be serviced and stimulated. This energy field has a significant impact on our health, natural beauty look, and energy level – and getting it up to speed can make us feel rejuvenated, invigorated, and healthier – like we’ve given ourselves a reboot!

Enter the at home spa services business, a blend of healing touch and heightened consciousness whose practitioners define health as an unimpeded energy flow. Illness might occur when that energy flow gets blocked. This type of at home spa services can make an amazing difference in feeling rejuvenated says a noted holistic physician who has written several books on the subject. The components of compassion, caring, and love are a very important part of what happens.

Some Common At Home Spa Services

While these used to be done primarily as outcall only, they are now being done more and more in a woman’s home.

  • Therapeutic Touch – With hands hovering just above your body, not actually touching it, a therapist reads cues in your energy field and, based upon those cues, the therapist using sweeping movements that begin at the head and move toward the feet, modulating or directing energy to smooth-out any energetic knots.
  • Healing Touch – An offshoot of therapeutic touch involves a light touch on the body and around the energy field. A certified holistic nurse in Albuquerque, New Mexico, has received the first energy medicine program to receive national accreditation.
  • Reiki – In a typical Reiki session, the practitioner lightly touches your head and torso in a specific order. Reiki doesn’t aim to diagnose or treat but simply to bump-up one’s own ability to self- heal. A number of small studies show that Reiki can improve blood pressure, heart rate, and reduce anxiety and pain.
  • Polarity Therapy – An additional at home spa services technique that is based on the idea that electromagnetic energy currents flow in channels throughout the body. When the channels flow more efficiently, things work better. The technique encompasses a variety of touches and techniques including pressure points, stretches, and rocking movements. Polarity therapy may work for anxiety and depression.
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy – This is based on the cranial sacral rhythm and a sensitive touch at points on the head, spine, and tailbone and removing any impediments to the flow of the rhythm. Cranial sacral therapy can be effective for many conditions including whiplash, sports, and impact injuries.

As we chase our natural beauty look, more and more of the spa services we used to have to leave home to find are now available in the comfort of the place where we live or work, which by itself adds to the holistic benefits derived from such services. 

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