How to Prevent and Extract Blackheads

During the summer months as we expose our skin to a number of elements like sun and sand, it is also common to battle those pesky clogged pores we destestfully refer to as… blackheads.

Our expert guest bloggers are here today with a few pointers on how to keep our skin looking clear, smooth and healthy this winter season!

Keep Blackheads at Bay

The best way to prevent blackheads is by implementing a skincare regimen. I always recommend my clients do a facial scrub 2-3 times a week preferable in the shower. The steam looses up the impurities allowing the scrub to perform better.

Also implement a serum such as Active Serum by IS Clinical which smooths the skins texture with glycolic acid , bilberry extract, and white willow bark extract!

Josephine Fusco, Makeup Artist and Skincare Expert, Makeup by Josephine

Back Off Blackheads!

Washing your skin AM and PM is one of the easiest ways to keep blackheads at bay. By removing the excess oils and dead skin cells on a 2 x’s a day basis, the pores will keep clear of incoming debris. Also, once a week gentle exfoliation will help keep skin clean and smooth.

If all else fails and you get an uninvited blackhead. A quick way to remove it, is to dab the area with witch hazel. Let it dry. And then put a teeny bit of good old fashion Elmer’s Glue. Allow to dry completely, and simply pull off the dried glue – with the blackhead in it’s midst. Then witch hazel the area again to help protect the pore.

Susie Galvez,


About Josephine Fusco: With a love for beauty that has endured since her childhood – it was only a matter of time until she turned to a career in the field of beauty. As a makeup artist and beauty expert, her style caters to each person individually. I approach each client as beautiful – accenting their uniqueness and enhancing the beauty of their features.

About Susie Galvez: Known as the Paula Deen of beauty, Susie Galvez, beauty expert, esthetician, makeup artist, national speaker, author of nine books and beauty and lifestyle, Susie makes it easy to be beautiful – everyday!

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