How to Effectively Clean your Beauty Products This Spring!

Spring has sprung! The warmer temps signal that it’s time to open up the windows, break out the donation bins (or bags!) and clear out the clutter for a massive spring purge. No closet or drawer is safe, because this spring you’re going to focus on paring down beauty and fashion finds that you don’t need…or wear.


Yes, saying goodbye to the ratty old sweatshirt of naught will be tough. And perhaps tossing that beloved blue nail polish that has crusted over and no longer opens may induce tears. But, trust me, the purge must happen!


Not sure what to toss and what to keep? Here is the Lazy Girl’s Guide to a Complete Spring Beauty Purge!


Closet Confidential:

It shrunk! But I love it!

– Did you accidentally shrink jeans or a favorite dress? A dress that exited the dryer in micro form can be hemmed into a tunic. Not ‘sew’ skillful? Take it to a seamstress.

– For jeans that turned high-water, cut off a few inches on each leg and then cuff the frayed edges to turn refashion into cute capris (skinny jeans work best for this hack).

– Unfortunately, a shrunken wool or cashmere sweater cannot be saved. But you can cut it up for rags. Or give it to a toddler.


I haven’t worn it in years. But I will!

– No, you won’t. Holding onto a piece of clothing that you don’t wear is a waste of good closet space. Someone will love it more…and needs it more! Donate it!


Those shoes will be back in style again!

– Sure they will. In like another decade. But I can’t judge on this one. I kept a pair of leather slides from 1999, and they are back in style. So…if those shoes are pricey, then keep them. Cheap? Donate! Then buy a new version in 10 years!


I need 10 black t-shirts.

– If you have more than three items of the same color and style, toss the older versions. We’ve all been guilty of indulging in a style rut. Truly, though, you don’t need more than three identical items.    However, you can keep 10 tanks or tees if they are different colors…and look good.


My ‘skinny goal’ clothes are motivational!

– No, those skinny ‘goal’ jeans don’t motivate you. Neither does the tight bodycon dress that you bought five years ago because it was on super sale. Those clothes are nothing but a clothing burden. You don’t need a ‘goal’ size to motivate you. Numbers are meaningless in the fashion world anyway. Be you, love you, and toss those items!


Beauty Blunders:

That make-up sponge came with my make-up!

– So many women just use the applicators and sponges that come with their foundation, powder or shadows. And that’s fine. But make-up sponges and applicators harbor bacteria, and they need to be replaced regularly. Go buy a pack of replacement sponges at a local drugstore and save your skin the bacteria mess.


But there’s still make-up left in the pan.

– Beauty products are not immortal. Make-up has a lifespan. Powder products need to be tossed after two years, per the advice of Good Housekeeping. Cream based products like eye shadow and blush last 18 months. And please toss that tube of mascara if it’s at least three months old.


My earrings are all gunky!

– Jewelry needs to be cleaned…regularly! I clean my earrings with either witch hazel or peroxide…make sure you clean off the earring backs, too. Soak rings in a mild dish soap, then scrub them gently with a soft-bristle toothbrush. Take expensive items to a jeweler for a pro cleaning. And never EVER use ultrasonic cleaners. They are bad news!


Should I toss my make-up brushes, too?

– The good news: brushes can be cleaned! Hooray, because brushes are an investment. The “Make-Up Geek” recommends cleaning them in a mixture of baby soap and olive oil. Then wipe the handles with rubbing alcohol to kill any bacteria.


That lipstick might flatter me…one day.

– If the lipstick, shadow or any other product doesn’t flatter your skin, toss it. Not everyone is meant to rock fuchsia lips, bold blue shadow or sky blue nails. Use the loss to justify a new purchase!


Welcome spring with a thorough closet and beauty product purge. Toss or donate items to clear out the old! You’ll be surprised at the items you don’t need…or wear! The best part? Extra space for new purchases!

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Author: Cassie Brewer

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