Free Radicals Keeping Up Your Youth

Here is a new and different way of thinking about your skin and understanding in a much deeper more scientific way how it works and what truly affects it, and the reason it’s so important to take care of ourselves.

What you need to know about Free Radicals to stay looking younger longer!

Free radicals are unstable organic molecules that perform some truly useful functions in the human body, including fighting off infection and enhancing enzyme function, but they also play a negative role in the aging process – one that contributes to tissue damage, premature aging and disease.

How does this happen, and what can you do to minimize it? Oxidation is the natural by-product of breathing, a system that creates energy in the human body and keeps us alive. Ironically, this same system also produces free radicals – molecules that start out fairly disciplined and well-defined in their function, but tend to go rogue as we get older. They are created in response to a variety of factors including environmental pollution, excessive alcohol consumption, toxic cleaning products, and cigarette smoke. Free radicals are always looking for an extra electron they can steal away from another molecule and tack on to their own structure for stability. The result of this behavior is like a pileup of bumper cars at an amusement park. Imagine the chain reaction set off when one of these molecules manages to pry an electron away from a healthy skin cell. The free radical not only leaves behind a ravaged, defective skin cell which is now missing an electron, but turns it into a vampire-like free radical that is now on the prowl for a means toward its own stabilization. When this scenario is played out over and over again, it creates a snowball effect that weakens healthy skin and subjects it to oxidative stress that can be seen and measured in terms of sagging skin and deteriorating health.
Antioxidants are molecules that help prevent free radicals from destroying healthy tissue. Found in vibrant, colorful fruits and vegetables, they accomplish this by neutralizing free radicals and interrupting the domino effect. Your body’s ability to produce antioxidants is partially dictated by heredity, but it is also significantly affected by your exposure to environmental oxidative stress. Supplementation in the form of vitamins can be helpful in slowing down the damage, but you must be careful to monitor your consumption because mega-doses can be harmful or even toxic to the body over time. The safest and most comprehensive way to cover your bases is to eat a variety of nutritious fruits and vegetables every day. It is the synergy of the components in these naturally occurring foods that delivers the most bang for your buck. Using natural, organic and preservative free skincare products that contain anti-oxidants for topical application can also be extremely helpful in reducing your exposure to toxins and minimizing the free-radical damage they cause. This two-pronged approach of internal and external support will help stave off the aging process and allow you to look younger and feel better longer.

Sharon Gnatt Epel is the CEO/Founder of “La Isha Natural Skincare”


About The Author: Sharon Gnatt Epel is the CEO/Founder of La Ishá Natural Skincare, the 1st all-natural skincare company dedicated to safe and effective anti-aging beauty solutions for women 35+.

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