Finding the Right Cosmetic Surgeon for You


Plastic Surgery Tips

Ask Questions

Write down a list of your questions before your consultation.  Be sure to take your time and get the answers that you’re looking for. 

Uncommon "Breast Sense" for natural looking Breast Implants

The most important question to ask your cosmetic surgeon is "how many times do your patients have to "re-do" their breast implant surgeries. The answer should be once over the course of 10-20 years. A pair of breasts shouldn't have to be rotated like tires! An excellent surgical technique will allow your implants to look and feel like a normal breast and not become hard from scar tissue.

–Sylvan Bartlett, Surgeon, Bartlett Plastic Surgery

Finding the Best Breast Surgeon

When looking for a plastic surgeon for cosmetic breast surgery, ask a breast cancer doctor for a recommendation. These specialists use only the very best plastic surgeons for breast reconstruction.

— Karen Jones, Author

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