Eye Makeup Tips for Special Occasions

There are a few very special days in a woman’s life where she wants to look her best.  Often times, these are the days we go all out, heading to the salon to get our hair and makeup done by the professionals.  After all, we want to be the most beautiful we have ever been on special days like our wedding day.

The challenge here is finding the right balance to be a beautiful you, not walking away from the salon looking like an entirely different person.  Learn how to apply the perfect eye makeup for your next special occasion with the following tip from one of our experts:

The Best Wedding Eye

You want your eyes to pop on your wedding day, but it seems it is hard to find that perfect balance between too much and too little on your big day.

My tip for the perfect wedding day eyes, is to go for a light lid and gradually fade from light to dark in the crease, (lighter on the inside and darker on the outside), keeping the lid a neutral color.

Start with your lightest color and then add a hint of color as you start to fade out toward the outer crease. You should use a minimum of 3 colors and can use a total of 5-6 colors. Use earthy tones, and highlight with a creamy peach color. To highlight the brow add a touch of a light shimmer right at/below the arch of the brow to raise the brow and create more shape to your eyes. Use this same color around the outer orbital of the eye to pull the eye back and create a lifted look (also hides wrinkles in the camera very well).

Go with a bold liner and some false (natural) lashes to pop the eye even more.

Erin Cornia, Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist, Lunatic Fringe Salon 

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