Dry Skin Tips: Beat the Blistering Months of Winter

The dry months of winter can really take its toll on our skin.  From windburned cheeks, dry patches on our elbows to cracking skin on our hands and feet, the cold, dry air does not discriminate against its victims.  Use the following dry skin tips to help you stay moisturized and your skin healthy and glowing throughout the winter season.

Beautiful Skin Starts with Healthy, Clean Skin

Winter months call for more moisturizer on our skin, but more than that our skin needs more exfoliation. Being inside with extreme heat, it makes our skin very dehydrated, and then going out into the cold weather it creates a double whamy on our skin.

RX: Drink more water, exfoliate daily and moisturize. FYI: alcohol will dehydrate and age our skin faster than the sun.

Peggy J, Owner, Branded J Collections

Top Tips & Tricks for Better Looking Hands

When you’re working at home always wear rubber gloves to keep harsh chemicals and dirt off your hands. Make sure your hands aren’t immersed in water for long periods; nails puff up when soaked in water and then shrink when dry, which makes them fragile.  Use acetone-free nail polish remover; acetone causes irritation and wrinkles

Every night, before you go to bed, massage your hands with Almond oil or coconut oil (you only need a few drops); this will help keep your hands soft and moisturised. OR, apply Vaseline or a heavy moisturising cream and sleep wearing a pair of cotton gloves – bit of a passion killer but you will have soft hands!

The old-fashioned hand massage with half a lemon makes them soft, removes unpleasant stains and smells, and will strengthen your nails. (And you can soften your elbows by rubbing them with half a lemon too!)

Penelope Jane Whiteley, Founder & CEO, Aging Disgracefully


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