Beauty Secrets Every Busy Woman Should Know

Beauty SecretsArguably every woman will tell you, her beauty tips and secrets before and after children are best compared to the difference between night and day. As single women our beauty skin care is what some might call excessive, others necessary, regardless a single women has both the time and the financial resources to treat herself like a queen. Once we relinquish this title to our very own little princesses and princes, it is often hard to figure out how to juggle your beauty skin care as both a mother and a woman. The question becomes how to stay beautiful as a busy woman!

The first beauty secret = finding the right balance of great value and time management that works for you. Whether you have a full time career, work from home, or you devote your time 100% to your family; finding the time to take care of your skin and stay beautiful is usually the single hardest task of your day.

Finding the Right Balance

Beauty SecretsBeauty secrets for the busy woman = organization is the key. Each and every morning makeup, skin care products, and hair accessories have to be where they are supposed to be! If you aren't already organized within an inch of your life, try a convenient drawer or cabinet organizer to help you stay ahead of the game. For busy women who aren’t in the lime light every day, their tips for beauty are usually centered on time management. How does one find the time for a beauty skin care routine? And what is the new definition of beautiful when your everyday routine is suddenly not as social as it once was.

Remember Less is More

Beauty Tip #2: When you are in a hurry, but don’t need to get dressed to the nine’s; remember that a simpler approach can give you the air of confidence and the physical beauty you are looking for.

  • For proper skin care, start with a tinted moisturizer instead of full foundation.
  • Use just a touch of powder to seal everything in.
  • Bring your beautiful eyes to the surface with a little liner and mascara.
  • Top it all off with a little lip gloss and you are good to go!
  • Tip for beautiful hair on the go? Comb a dab of your favorite product through your tresses and let your hair dry naturally. You might enjoy the natural wavy look!

This fast, easy beauty skin care regimen can be useful for all women whatever their personal schedule looks like.

Simple Cost Effective Beauty Tips

Beauty SecretsA woman’s beauty regime doesn’t need to be costly or time-consuming, unless she wants it be. A back-to-basics skin care approach, coupled with some self reflection, can help you come up with the tailored effective regimen you need. Whichever direction your beauty skin care routine takes you just remember:

  • Keep your face clean with a gentle soap instead of specialty makeup removers.
  • That all good skin care routines include a little SPF to guard against sun and wrinkles!
  • If you need more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, but like the idea of saving that time! Try mixing your moisturizer (SPF protected) with your foundation for a one-step process.
  • On those days when you are dressed to the nines, always wash you face to remove all makeup before you go to bed for proper skin care.

Busy women know the value of a dollar and look for beauty skin care products that save them both time and money; but it is important to remember that sometimes, even if it is a little expensive some things just can’t be replaced.

The Splurge!

For every woman there is that one product, their personal beauty secret, that they cannot live without. For some it is a hair product that makes everything look beautiful! For some it might be that perfect concealer. Whatever it is for you remember, if it makes you feel fabulous then it’s worth it!

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