When Valentine’s Day Has You Down

Valentines Day. You love it. Or you hate it. Which are you? If you’re tired of all this yucky love stuff, it’s time to consider celebrating this Valentine’s Day with a bit of self love. Pamper yourself using the following tips from our expert:

A Date with Yourself

For all you single ladies! Valentine’s Day can feel like Valen-crime’s Day when you are dateless. Rather than spend it sulking or trying to answer that baffling question of why you are still single, make a date with yourself and you are guaranteed a good time.

Book a massage at a spa, take a nice glass of wine to a bubblebath, watch your favorite dorky movie, and eat something fun. Don’t waste your night during Amateur Hour at that lame party or bar. Remember New Year’s Eve? …Exactly.

So, take matters into your own hands and learn how to give yourself a dose of love and happiness.



If you’re on a mission to land a man this Valentine’s Day, try using this fun twist from the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau.  New Orleans, the city of sin and seduction, is inspiring us to spread the love and remember what makes the city irresistible.

Forget Romance, Use Magic!

Tired of waiting for that chubby little cherub to shoot an arrow into someone’s heart? Call forth the righteous powers of the Whodoo doll to get things moving. Simply choose what kind of spell you want to cast and follow the instructions.

Based around Valentine’s Day, the “Whodoo You Love?” is debuting in New Orleans, an initiative that utilizes the idea of the Voodoo doll and turns it (something traditionally negative) into a positive action – A Whodoo you love doll. So whereas the rest of the country gives paper cutout hearts, New Orleans cast spells and show love a little more expressively.

Now, the question is: WhodooYouLove?

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