Working Too Much? Tips to Avoid Work Life Balance Issues

Work Life Balance IssuesOver the past few years, technological advances in communication have been incredible! If you have a cell phone your email can now find you anywhere. You can even work remotely from your home computer and access every file you left at the office. As convenient as these time management tools are; they’ve also caused their share of work life balance issues. The days of "clocking out" at five o’clock are virtually gone.

If you are lucky enough to work at a company that offers you all of these time saving conveniences, you also work for a company that now follows you wherever you go.

Here are a few tips to manage work life balance issues that may occur:

Tip #1: Keep Strict Hours – When you manage work life balance issues that are of the after-hours variety, try instituting your own nine-to-five rule by sticking to your stated schedule. We all know that a nine-to-five schedule really means nine-to-whenever. However, whenever is no longer just staying late at the office. So if you are done with your day at five, leave. Also a useful stress management tool, clock out and go about your life guilt free. At review time, your boss is less likely to remember that you were the last to leave, and more likely to remember the fires you put out during your "off" time.

Tip #2: Bring Your Personal Life To The Office – As unorthodox as this may sound, why not take advantage of all these high tech options in all facets of your life. If your work life balance issue is that you can’t seem to find the time to finish your personal chores, try your lunch hour. If you are able to do your work at dinnertime, then why can’t you balance your check book during lunch? If your lunch hour is truly your time, then use it to your advantage.

Tip #3: Emergencies Only Please – Unless it is an emergency, good time management says to ignore those after five emails and texts! Does your cell phone have all the bells and whistles so you never miss a communication? Alleviate this work life balance issue by turning everything but the phone ringer off at five. If it doesn’t require a call, it can wait until the morning.


Most companies think they know what is important to their employees. They spend a lot of time on insurance, vacation and 401K policies; and in return they expect their employees to go that extra mile. In this new high tech age, this creates major work life balance issues for the typical employee. Companies still rely on the old tech mentality that 9-5 is sacred and the occasion late night is expected. If you allow this expectation to overrule your common sense you also be in need of a career change in no time. So let go of your old assumptions and try a little flexibility. Take advantage where you can to avoid a drastic shift in your work life balance that is all work and no play.

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