Why You Should Stop Stressing Over Time Management

listsAs women we take on responsibility quite naturally.  It is very common for a woman to wear many different hats throughout a day.  And this can be very rewarding.  And this can be very exhausting. Our expert guest blogger tells us that no matter how well we have conquered time management, if we feel beat down at the end of the day then time has actually managed us.

Learn why she says to stop managing your time and what she suggests you manage instead.

Why Time Management Doesn’t Work… But, This Will!

I bet there are many of us who think we are pretty good at managing our time. We multi-task on every level to get things done in the time period we have and feel a sense of self-accomplishment at the end of the day. We add apps to our smartphones to allow us to get things done at all hours of the day when we have some “down time”. We try to beat the overload, be more effective and achieve more each day. But, are we really managing our time well when we feel like a Mack truck hit us from all of the work completed?

Sitting in church this past Sunday, our pastor said something which struck a chord in me. We don’t manage our time. We have to eat and sleep in addition to getting ready (and not like the lady putting on her makeup while driving in front of me this morning). We have to cook, clean, and spend time with our family, in addition to work duties. With trying to manage all of this, the process manages us. So, what is a person to do? Scratch out the word “time” and replace it with “energy”.

Energy Management

Energy Management – what is this? Manage your work when you are feeling your best. Plan to take on higher priority tasks when you have the most energy. For me, that is in the morning. I get more done, as my brain is more “alive and active”. After lunch, you may be a little more relaxed, so this may be the best time to tackle some less important or repetitive tasks, such as answering e-mails, returning phone calls, or weekly cleaning. When your brain isn’t at its best, processing a decision could take longer, thus throwing a wrench into your daily schedule. And, if you can’t think or make a decision, you may get frustrated, and it takes longer to get something done.

Other than managing your energy, set goals and tasks to be completed when you have your best energy level. When interruptions happen, try to get focused again. I know this can be hard for me and takes a lot of energy. But, if I were to do my highest priority items when I was on low energy and having distractions, I wouldn’t be the most pleasant person to be around.

Stop feeling overwhelmed and try to manage your energy instead of your time. When you are at your best, you will accomplish more and have a better self-confidence when it is all done. Not much can be accomplished when you are frazzled or overwhelmed. So, get ready to take on your highest priority tasks when you feel your best.

Darcy Keith, President, Darcy L. Keith Enterprises

Do you manage your time or your energy?  How do you make the most of your time?

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