Using Your Time Wisely to Relieve Summer Schedules

iStock_000000156601XSmallWomen love to pride themselves in their ability to multitask.  We spend many years with a baby on our hip – a toddler on our leg – a preschooler chatting at our feet – school aged siblings fighting at our side, a bottle – a toy – or a megaphone in one hand, and a duster – a computer – or whatever in the other.  We are acclimated to providing bits of attention to multiple things at one time.

Well, our expert guest blogger tells us it’s time to give up this way of working and instead become more focused.  Learn how to improve your summer schedule.  Determine when multitasking may be beneficial and when you should stop what you’re doing and pick your focus.

Develop Agility, Not Multitasking

It’s no secret that mothers have many different responsibilities. As such, the key to survival is the ability to switch between tasks. Develop your mental agility. Switching between tasks is challenging, but when done effectively, it can replenish your energy and sharpen your focus. By contrast, multitasking saps your energy and effectiveness. Since your brain can only process one thing clearly at a time, focus on one activity and do it well before moving on to the next task.

Mimi West, CEO, My Dream Teacher

Make Each Step Count

Multitask to make your exercise time-neutral. Take the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator. Park further away from your office and walk instead of driving around looking for the closest spot Keep your workout clothes in your car and stop at the gym before work or on your way home. Even better, sneak away at lunchtime. You will improve your fitness and be more awake and alert for the rest of the day.

Paul T. Scheatzle MS, DO, Physician/Author, Bailey Rehabilitation

How has narrowing your focus helped you to improve your summer schedule?

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