Time Management Tips to Balance Me and Family

Pixmac000086863984Spring has sprung!…  and so has baseball practices, track practices, lawn care, gardening, and don’t forget you want to get some time in at the gym – as beach season is fast approaching!  Where do we find the time to fit it all in?

Our expert guest bloggers have taken the time to give us a few of their best time management tips to ensure we’re scheduling a proper balance of “me time” and “family time”.  Learn how to make the most of your scheduling using the following tips:

Conquer Time Management for a Better You!

Time management isn’t all about fitting everything on your schedule. In fact, time management is about identifying what is most important to YOU. When you identify those things, you can give them a place on your schedule which will help you feel satisfied at the end of the day.

Schedule your exercise time. If you don’t, other things will become prioritized on your schedule. The time you take each day for you, whether it be exercising, crafting or napping makes you a better you while reducing your stress.

Joanne Passarelli Rinaldi CPO®, Owner, Neat Freaks Professional Organizing LLC

Time for a Family Meeting

Call a family meeting and discuss everything that is coming up. Use large pieces of paper and tape them to the wall, one piece for each person. Write down all the activities, and as a family plan what needs to be done for each item. Children and parents need to see all the stuff that is going on—this is a great reality check.

Now is the time for cooperation and planning. Even little ones will feel important and will want to volunteer some ideas and help. Each person should be listened to respectfully. This is a great lesson in helping and compromise. It is important that children see that all these activities and special days take planning.

Diana Fletcher, Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, Diana Fletcher Life Coaching

How has scheduling provided you with the proper balance of me time and family time?  What is your favorite and most effective time management tip?

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