Time Management Techniques for Moving On

hair-care-tipsSo often it feels like time gets the best of us.  I often find myself wondering, where did the day go?  Learn how to find more time by using the advice of our guest blogger and success coach, Michael J. Russ.

For More Time, Practice Letting Go

Adversity is the thief that steals the largest portion of your time. Regardless of the adversity, how you perceive and respond to it determines how much time it pilfers from your day. Your goal should be to manage challenging events in a way that maintains your energy and time.

Since the majority of adversity you face in your life is indirect–events that happens around you and to others–you have a choice about how you respond to them. You can invest of time and energy or see them as passing events, let them go and move on with the next item on your busy agenda.

The smart move is to let go, which involves making one of two successful and time saving responses to every adversity.

Response #1-if you can change anything about what has happened, you take action.

Response #2-if you cannot change anything about what has happened, you take no action and let it go.

Both of these responses leave you empowered, energized, and in control of your time and your life.

Michael J. Russ, President, Powerful Living International LLC


About the Author: Michael J. Russ is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur who inspires other to greater success in their personal and professional lives. His book topics cover the power self-talk, managing your energy for greater success, and what college students can do now to get a job later.

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