Delegate Tasks for Some Added You Time

listsStop putting yourself last and learn how to delegate tasks for some added you time!  Our expert guest bloggers have provided us with a few of their best tips about how to make time for ourselves Рand keep it for ourselves!

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

With moms wearing many hats in today’s world, our days can be hectic and just plain crazy. Moms often make sure the needs of everyone else are met before they take time for themselves. To make time for yourself, delegate tasks.

Enlist the help of older children with household chores and assisting their younger siblings with homework. Younger children enjoy helping with meal preparation and outdoor activities such as gardening. I have found the buddy system to work best. By pairing my older children with their younger sibling, the work gets done, they develop a stronger bond and I gain a few minutes for myself.

Victoria Marin, Author

Taking Time for Your Self and Your Health

As someone who loves to workout, I have moments and seasons (like just right after the holidays) where motivation to exercise is harder than getting a child to go to bed. Finding time to exercise is a mindset, because if it is a true priority (and worthwhile), you will find time and make a way to get your workout in!

My advice: just do it!

If you over-think it, you will find every excuse not to workout: “it’s too cold”, “I’m too tired”, “my children need me”, etc. Plan a time to exercise like you would your hair appointment, grocery shopping, or taking your children to THEIR activity. Make it a routine. Once you have started your workout, and have consistently done it, you will discover that your body craves the activity, you will have the energy and look awesome!

Donina Ifurung, Owner & Founder, On High Heels

How do you delegate tasks to fit in time for yourself?

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