Tips for Managing Stress

iStock_000017591577SmallStress can turn any thriving woman into a bi-polar nightmare. And this is speaking from personal experience. Managing stress is imperative to our health and to functioning productively. Learn from our expert guest blogger a few tricks to managing your stress levels.

Bless This Stress!

I’m an entrepreneur with a never-ending “to do” list and it seems as if there is always someone or something wanting more attention. I have four tips for keeping it under control:

1. Breathe. Sit still. Find the reason I am thankful for the person or activity in front of me, whether it’s a meeting or a “high maintenance” colleague. After all, this work pays my bills and the people in my life make it all worthwhile.

2. Eat a good breakfast and drink water. Even a light breakfast is better than nothing and drinking water throughout the day helps keep it all together.

3. Take a walk. For me, first thing in the morning works to burn off excess energy and get me in the productive zone. What time of day would work for you?

4. When all else fails, I call one of my Holistic Chamber of Commerce Professional Members, like a Massage Therapist or an Acupuncturist, to schedule an appointment for some real relaxation!

Camille Leon, Founder & Director, The Holistic Chamber of Commerce

What helps you with managing stress?

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