Prevent Wrinkles by Managing Your Stress

Well, if you struggle with an overwhelming amount of stress in your daily life, we are here to help.  Our expert contributors have offered their advice on handling stress.  They provided the following tips to help us manage our stress and pamper our skin – simultaneously!

30 Second “Quickie” Stress Break

When I start to feel stressed, instead of reaching for chocolate, I grab my hand cream. My skin is dry and using the cream and 30 second self-massage gives me that extra pick-me-up.

Zele Avradopoulos, Owner, ZOrganize – Organizing Services

Bust Skin Stress ~ Boost Beauty

A quick way to head skin stress off at the pass, is to take two Tums before going to bed a couple of days before a stressful event. The anti-acids help reduce excess acids in the body, which can cause unexplained break-outs. The anti-acid tablets will also help heal a stress break-out faster and, as a bonus, Tums give you an extra boost of calcium! 

— Susie Galvez, Beauty Expert and Author

Couch Therapy

When we are stressed our hormones go nuts and breakouts emerge. What we need, says Dr. Claudia Welch in her book Balance Your Hormones Balance Your Life, is couch therapy, which means relax, restore, and chill out. She makes a valid point.
Take deep slow breaths to lower stress hormones, like alternative nostril breathing. 
Give yourself a lymphatic massage.  Also known as lymphatic drainage, it is a gentle form of massage that stimulates the lymphatic system to improve metabolism, promote the removal of bodily toxins and waste, and encourages a healthy immune system.
Drink hot water with fresh ginger honey and lemon/lime.  This combination is very grounding for mind, body and spirit, as well kindles the GI tract – which assists the body to keep the organs clean, as well the skin.

— Denise Baron, Lifestyle & Wellness Expert


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