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Living a Healthy LifestyleLiving a healthy lifestyle and recognizing the signs of stress will erase ten years from your look!
If you want to look younger than you are, it helps to consider the total package. Because women who look forever 31 don’t just have great complexions, they also have thick hair, smooth hands, and even a whiter smile. How do you become one of those lucky types who goes to her class reunion and elicits comments like, “Wow, she hasn’t aged a bit!”? Follow these age proofing tips that start with your head and end with your toes. Living a healthy lifestyle will extend the quality of your life as well.

Things You Can Do To Help You Look Younger

Give Your Hair A Boost – Hair naturally thins as you get older, so anything you can do to counteract that process will help you stay gorgeous. Volumizing shampoos are great, but the most effective (and quickest) youth boost comes courtesy of a volumizing spray gel.
Get Younger-Acting Skin – It’s not just wrinkles that make you look older, according to numerous studies, skin tone and luminosity also affect your perceived age. With adenosine, a collagen-stimulating molecule found naturally in your skin’s DNA, and biolysat, which stimulates your skin’s own repair process, it’s able to not only reduce wrinkles but improve texture, tone, and radiance as well.
Use a Redness-Reducing Concealer  – You may not realize it, but redness and visible blood vessels on your cheeks and nose are another sign of sun damage, and they do make you look older. The best way to get rid of the red is with a laser treatment.
Brighten Your Smile – Stains accumulate on your teeth as you age, so whiter teeth make you look younger. In-office light-activated whitening treatments can take you up to eight shades whiter, but you can now get similar results at home.
Spritz a Zesty Scent – Weird but true; people may think you look up to five years younger if you’re sporting a grapefruit scent, according to a study at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation.
De-Freckle Your Chest – Wear sunscreen to prevent the development of more blemishes, and switch-up your regular body lotion for one that includes spot-reducing ingredients.
Baby Your Hands – Apply moisturizer and always wear gloves in the winter. It’s not just the sun that causes damage – cold winds suck the moisture right out of your hands, which can make them look older, if only temporarily.
Don’t Yo-Yo Diet – Do your best to get a healthy weight and stick to it through the years. Rapid weight gain or loss can cause visible changes to the skin, such as stretch marks and laxity.
Make Over Your Legs – Varicose and spider veins are an instant ager, and the most effective way to remove them is with sclerotherapy. The procedure involves injecting a therapeutic solution into the veins, which causes them to collapse. For a quicker fix, which will also hide spots and scars you’ve accumulated over the years, try a leg-perfecting lotion or spray.
Fix-up Your Feet – Nothing gets soles smoother than a foot file. Use it at the end of your shower, then follow-up with a rich cream that contains at least 10% lactic acid.


Living a healthy lifestyle and using some key cosmetic tips can erase the signs of stress as we age.

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