Live, Laugh, and Love Your Stress Away

I often wonder at what age did stress sneak up on me and become such a force in my life?  When did I start caring less about what makes me happy and more about what needs to be done?  Happiness and light-hearted moments are sure stress management strategies that will help you relax.

Learn why we experience stress, what needs to be done when it consumes us, and ways to relieve ourselves when it becomes a driving force in our lives.

Play, Laugh, and Do Something Silly

Stress is inevitable. It is part of life, especially in our fast-paced, always-connected, pressured world. Trying to juggle all of your commitments while keeping your stress levels under control can even add more stress.

This is what you need to remember: your stress level is information and that is all. It is the body’s system for letting you know that you need to pay attention and make adjustments.

This can save your life at times (let’s say a large dangerous animal is approaching you, what you feel in your body is a warning to do something to try to protect yourself, like run or play dead). Unfortunately, this incredibly powerful and helpful self-preservation system sends us this same information when we are under any type of threat, even if does not appear to be life-threatening.

It is not healthy to have cortisol and adrenaline pumping through your system on such a regular basis. View your stress as a warning light that something needs to change soon, or your body will keep increasing the magnitude of that warning signal. When you see this warning signal, what can you do?

  • Be in the present moment (give yourself a break from planning the future and/or obsessing about the past).
  • Do something that makes you laugh like watch a movie or silly videos, just sit and watch your kids for a few minutes (they’re really quite funny at times), spend some time with a good friend…
  • Help someone out (not because you feel like you “should” but because you see the need and you are drawn to help)
  • Do something silly. You can do this alone or with someone. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Stop being so serious for a few minutes and remember what it felt like to not care about anything.
  • What did you do as a child that made you really happy? Ask yourself what nurtures you and do it. If that doesn’t work, ask yourself what you wish someone else would do for you (plan a nice dinner, schedule a massage, plan an outing etc..) and then do it for yourself.
  • Taking a bath, walking in nature, taking photos, drawing and many more activities take very little time but can shift you away from the high stress you have been feeling.
  • And don’t forget about all forms of loving, from snuggling with your loved ones to making passionate love with your lover. Physical connection and passion are certain stress busters.

Dr Laura Ciel, Psychologist, Executive Coach and Change Agent, 1One World Leadership

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