Just ONE More Thing

Take Mini Breaks

Stress shows up on our faces all the time and as much as we want to mask it, it shows. When you are stressed out and tired, everything is more intensified and problems arise where there might have been none.

Sleep is the best medicine for both healthy skin and less stress. Try taking mini-breaks during the day.  Stop whatever you are doing and do nothing for 2 minutes, keeping your eyes closed and your mind quiet. 

Stop frowning and start smiling; look around you and appreciate one positive in every person by which you’re surrounded. Listen to your head and your heart. When you need a break, take one.

–Roberta Perry, Founder, Scrubz Body Scrub, Inc.  www.scrubzbodyscrub.com

No more “One More Thing”

One of the best ways to reduce stress, wrinkles, bags under the eyes and food cravings is with sleep. Your body needs to regenerate and renew itself. If it doesn't, you'll feel overwhelmed, crave sugar and other stimulants to keep you going, and end up looking and feeling worn out and exhausted.
To get a good night's sleep stop doing "one more thing." There will always be one more thing. Promise yourself, instead, that you will stop whatever you're doing – especially if it's on a computer or mobile device – at least ten minutes before bed. Then stick to your bedtime, no matter what. You'll wake up refreshed, ready to go and looking more beautiful.

— Daphne Cohn, The Pleasure Nutritionist  www.thepleasurenutritionist.com


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