How to Relieve Your Everyday Stresses

Stress can take a perfectly lovely time of life and turn it into a complete nightmare. So, what are you doing to manage your stress levels? While feeling stressed is a somewhat involuntary reaction to everything going on around us, there are definitely things we can do to reduce those feelings, if not eliminate them entirely.

Learn how you can be stress free by applying the following stress management techniques to your routine and begin coping with stress.

Every Day Can be Stress Free, You Go Girl!

First be aware of your stress triggers. Here are some easy tricks to eliminate stress that brings you down.

  1. Breathe deeply. Take a few minutes to focus your attention on your breathe while repeating this mantra, “All good comes to me” on the inhalation and “All good goes from me” on the exhalation.
  2. Lift your shoulders up and down. Notice how you feel when your shoulders are tense. Associate your stress to that tenseness in your shoulders. As you feel your shoulders relax, say out loud, “I release stress.” Repeat until you feel that all the stress has been released.
  3. Pat yourself on the back or give yourself a hug. Literally. This reinforces how powerful you are and that you can take care of yourself. You Go Girl!

Ellie Peterson, Inspirer, Ellie’s Meditative Movements

Pump Out Stress!

Stress and depression affect individuals differently as do our methods of regulating them. The one thing however, that most medical minds agree on is the fact that exercise is a potent feature in maintaining a better emotional and mental balance. Not only is exercise a wonderful calorie burning tool , but it also boosts endorphins ( your bodies very own natural anti depressants..), which immediately will level your mood and also set up a wonderful precedence for a better health investment long term.

Laurie Towers, CEO, Physical Advantage PC, The Bridal Body Shop

What are your favorite stress-relieving exercises?

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