How to Break the Stress Cycle

Pixmac000075845107Stress affects all of us on a day to day basis.  But, why?  What is it that keeps us feeling stressed?  Could it be something that is learned and habitual?

Our expert contributor and director of Yoga Concepts, Jane Ribinskas suggests that stress is a habit that can be broken.  Learn how to kick stress out of your life for good using her stress relief tips!

Let Go of Stress

Be calm, energized, and allow your natural anti-aging to kick-in!

I’m grateful for my life and the awareness I have gained over 25 years around wellness, and the concept of stress and how to let it go!!! Yes, I call it a concept.  Individuals have been taught unconsciously to be stressed rather than calm and empowered.  It is all in the way they react to a situation. Just a few days ago I was standing next to an eight year old playing a computer game. He said I am so “stressed”. I smiled to myself and thought it was a perfect situation that confirmed my conclusion of stressed being a learned state. How does an eight year old know about using the language, “stress”, unless he’s heard people talk about it?

I listen and people are repeatedly saying, “I’m stressed, I’m stressed”. Ill offer some key advice to shift that bad habit that can leave you at the end of the day, lacking energy, with a head ache, sore shoulders, sore back, skin problems, often sick and overwhelmed, and feeling plain exhausted !!! Does this sound familiar?

Be in the Moment

Feeling this way is a sign you’re engaging in stress patterns through out the day and not noticing it. The stressed feeling is the end result. When you get to know the present moment, which can consist of how are you breathing, how are you sitting at your desk, how are you holding your posture, what sort of thoughts or language are you constantly using, then you can start to see where your stress is coming from.

Even changing some simple things, especially when you are challenged, can create incredible change in positive ways. For example, everything seems to be going wrong and you have a deadline to meet.  You’re running out of time so you start to worry, tense up and become overwhelmed.

Positive Breathing

Just take some time to focus on positive breathing, which is a steady breath in and out of the nose. You’ll become much calmer instantly as you release your endorphins rather than stress chemicals. This is what makes you calm and you’ll also be able to think more clearly around an outcome because you are focused and calm.

Positive Thinking

When you are more present you’ll start to notice the signs, like your tense shoulders or jaw.  Then you will be able to let go of whatever it is and relax. Being aware of your self talk or verbal language you can start to notice when you use the “stress” word. If you keep thinking or saying stress, stress, stress all day, everything becomes tense and that’s what you’ll be.


Another simple shift is to acknowledge what is going on, then be conscious to remind yourself “all is well” and that you’ll get through the situation.  Even say the words mentally, “calm, calm, calm” and  that’s how you will feel no matter what is going on around you.

Drink plenty of water too, as that helps. Like watering a plant it’s like watering your body & mind to stay refreshed and energized.

So, learning to navigate from within and apply positive skills within each moment makes an incredible difference! Think, talk and breathe positively, stay empowered and look younger too. Stress ages you. Being calm helps assist in natural anti-aging!

Jane Ribinskas, Director/Facilitator, Yogaconcepts

How do you promote stress relief in your day to day activities?

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