Everyday Tips To Deal With Stress!

stress management skillsMost of the things that ail you, the conditions or medical afflictions you deal with can be managed and dealt with in an orderly and efficient way by learning a simple stress management strategy. There are pills and apparatuses, doctors and therapies for almost anything that might affect us. However, some conditions act like stealth warriors, sneaking up on us at the least optimal time, interfering with our health and our lives. Stress is such an affliction. Our lives are busy and most of our time is regulated and accounted for.

Most of us know what we are doing and even eating three days or more in advance. So when the unexpected occurs, a flat tire, a bounced check, an unexpected illness; we inevitably also suffer from a the side effects of stress. The next time the unexpected happens, try these simple everyday stress management strategies to get you through that initial shock.

Stress Management Strategy

  • Breathe. Breathe. Breath: Probably considered the number one tip in managing stress in practice. When your stress level is set on overload, take a minute to breathe. In moments of high stress your body systems will elevate. Your heart will race, your pulse will quicken and in some cases your blood pressure may increase. This makes it even more important for you to put things in perspective and just breathe! No matter how bad the situation may seem or actually be – take a minute to practice this stress management strategy for your overall health.
  • Count to 10: A very unpleasant side effect of stress is the unwanted mood swing that leads to fits of anger. Therefore, it is also very important to have proper skills for managing stress in your arsenal when needed. One tried and true technique is taking a self imposed time out and counting to ten. Fashioned after the same anger and stress management techniques of the childhood "time out"; this technique allows you to take a moment to sit back, block out all of the days distractions and count to ten quietly to yourself. This will allow you to calm down and avoid an escalation of stress that may lead to unwanted anger.
  • Work it off! When all else fails and there is no stress management strategy that works, try altering your diet and exercise regime. Eating healthy can help keep your blood pressure down and fortify your body against unwanted stress. More importantly a good vigorous work out will help you work off that stress, clear your head and get you ready for the next stressful situation you are bound to come across.

In the larger picture of your life, I am sure that you work hard to achieve a proper balance between your work and home life, that you work hard on a stress management strategy, and have many of your own tips to alleviate stress. However, next time that unexpected emergency creeps up on you and all your hard work and planning are not enough to keep that stress at bay try one or all of these simple everyday stress management strategies to get you through the anxiety and back on track.

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