Eat Breakfast to Reduce Stress

Women preparing spaghetti, canon 1Ds mark IIIThere are many ways to overcome stress throughout your day. We often practice breathing and relaxation techniques to help fight the onslaught of stressful situations. But, have you ever considered the stressful effects that come of not equipping your body with the proper nutrition?

Learn why eating breakfast may be one of the keys to busting stress.

Why eat breakfast!

Avoid nutritional stress, start with a healthy breakfast. Skipping breakfast is like trying to get your car to start without fuel. In the case of the car it won’t move. Our minds however can override such a decision. Our bodies will succumb to the peril of poor nutrition with symptoms of accelerated aging such as central nervous system and vascular diseases like high blood pressure and heart disease.

Celia Westberry, CEO, Westberry Wellness Programs, LLC

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