De-Stress: Stop and Smell the Rosewater


Stop and Smell the Roses

A great tip for de-stressing AND keeping a healthy skin glow is adding purified rosewater to your skincare regime. The smell of rose actually calms the nervous system and acts as an anti- depressant. Plus, it’s an amazing toner and brings the skin back to an alkaline state.

I keep a bottle of rosewater on my desk and spritz my face with about 3-4 pumps when I’m under stress or have computer fatigue. It’s an instant “pick-me-up” plus gives my skin a girlish glow!

 –Tiffany Hendra, TV Host & Beauty/Style Expert, Sanctuary of Style

Breathe and Drink Deep

Pausing to take 3 slow, deep breaths every hour will reduce your stress. It will also get oxygen to every cell in your body, including your skin cells. (Brain cells too for clearer thinking!)

Drinking water throughout your day will keep you hydrated and will help with very dry skin from the inside out!

— Diana Fletcher, Stress Reducing Expert, Author, Coach & Speaker, Diana Fletcher Life Coaching


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