Want to Love Better? Keys to Loving Relationships

Keys To Loving RelationshipsOnce we are in a committed relationship we realize that the work has just begun. We spend most of our lives looking for that special someone with the assumption that once we find them our world will be complete! We are very unprepared for what lies ahead and often have no idea about the keys to loving relationships.

4 Top Keys To Loving Relationships

Embrace Your Differences – One of the most important keys to loving relationships is to embrace your differences. We are all different and once the haze of first love has dissipated, it’s important to remember that, and to realize that the person you love has not changed. You may not have noticed all your differences at first, but they’re what make life fun, so embrace them!

Compromise – One of the hardest things in life is realizing that in relationships there rarely is one "right" and one "wrong." Just different opinions, wants, goals and desires. When you reach what seems to be a dead end, just remember that it isn’t a fair solution if only one of you is happy. So here the key to loving relationships is to find a mutually beneficial solution that you both can live with.

Communication is Key – One of the most obvious keys to loving relationships is the ability to communicate effectively. Don’t hold things in, don’t simmer and burn. Make an effort to find ways to express how you feel to your partner that they will understand. We do not start out understanding our partner completely, and making an effort to communicate properly will definitely pay off in the long run.

Establish Boundaries and Fight Fair – A weakness most of us humans have is searching for and identifying our opponent’s weaknesses. As odd as that might sound when talking about the keys to loving relationships, it is definitely applicable. When we fight, we automatically search for our partner’s weaknesses. Most of the time we don’t mean to, sometimes we justify it in order to end an argument early, and eventually we realize we are doing it. When you spend a lot of time with someone you will learn how to hurt them. To establish a loving relationship, you need to resist this urge, set boundaries and fight fair. No one every truly "wins" an argument.


Finding the keys to loving relationships is a difficult and very personal thing. Each relationship is different and brings with it its own challenges. Focusing on communication, embracing your differences and striving for compromise are all good ways to start. Keep it up by fighting fair and respecting one another’s boundaries and keep your relationship on level loving ground.

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