Valentines Day Celebrations on a Budget

For those of us on a strict budget, Valentines Day can feel like just another excuse to spend money.  The good thing about Valentines Day Celebrations is that this holiday is more about the thought and sentiment that goes into planning a special day.  So, if you are looking for some good money-saving Valentines Day tips filled with all the ingredients for a memorable evening, this article is for you!

Valentine’s Day on a Budget

When on a budget, dining out is an indulgence saved for a special occasion, but it doesn’t have to be out of reach. To avoid overspending, enjoy a meal at home then go out on the town just for dessert. Check for a free money-saving coupon before you visit the restaurant.

More low-cost date night tips:

1. Bake cookies then decorate them. Heart cutouts are great, as are using food coloring to create red and pink cookies and frosting.

2. Make candy together.

3. Make, then exchange home-made paper valentines for each other.

4. Write a poem together.

5. Select songs and publish a free iTunes playlist of love songs.

6. Use the free app Songify to create a love song together. Take turns with verses or record as a group.

7. Film a YouTube video interviewing each other about love. You can arrange the YouTube settings so it can be set to private and share with family members.

Jon Lal, Founder of & coupon/savings expert,

Look for restaurants or bakeries that are offering Valentine’s Day packages or specials.  This is a great way to get a taste of something special in which you may not normally indulge and save money doing it!

La Boulange Offers Romance and Simplicity

Included in this romantic package are two heart shaped cookies dipped in chocolate, chocolate fondant, a trio of Macarons and a note that can be customized by your loved one. All of this is $14.

La Boulanage

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