Valentines Day Celebrations from the Heart

couple-date-nightThe best Valentine is something meaningful, straight from your heart. Following are some of the most romantic ideas out there. Show your partner how much you love them by taking the time to plan one or more of these thoughtful celebrations of love this Valentine’s day.

Revisit a special place

On your third date, you went on a picnic on a hill overlooking the town and watched the sunset. That’s the day when you both knew you were serious about each other. You may not be able to recreate the entire scene, but it’s romantic to do it again in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Paul A. Falzone, CEO, eLove Matchmaking

Be Passionate with Words

To write a passionate love letter you’ll have to show your vulnerability, by exposing your raw true feelings. Start off with basic words that directly resemble your emotions, such as love, happy, and kindness. Then step it up a notch and explore the thesaurus. For example, instead of writing “I love you” jot down “you’re my passion”.

Be honest and keep it simple to start with. If you find yourself struggling, it doesn’t hurt to research the plethora of inspirational images and quotes you can find on the web. Now what happens if you can’t quite seem to pull all those beautiful words and sayings you’ve created, into one love letter? Well, write your love quotes/sayings on separate pieces of paper and hide them around the house for your partner to find throughout the day.

With your words, you will have given your partner a true piece of you, something they can hang onto for years to come.

C. Elizabeth, Author of Absolute Obsession

Give Back

How about donating a portion of your Valentine’s Day purchases to your sweetheart’s favorite cause or nonprofit. A nice touch for Valentine’s Day is choosing a cause that is meaningful to your partner.

There are websites available, like, that let you do just that this Valentine’s Day, a portion of your purchase is donated to a cause of your choice.

Dylan Nord,

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