This Valentine’s Day Turn the Ordinary into Extraordinary

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Have you nailed down your plans?  With schedules being as busy as they are, it is tempting to grab a quick card and a rose from the corner drug store.  But, setting the stage for special moments does not have to take a TON of time and preparation.

Use these simple tips to create fond memories by turning your ordinary Valentine’s Day into something extraordinary.

Fun Sexy Dinner Date at Home

Spread out a sheet or a blanket on the living room floor. Break out all your small bowls and plates from the kitchen and fill them with your favorite Finger Foods. Make sure to include the full palate including sweet, savory and salty. Dim the lights and light some candles and put on some sexy music you both enjoy. Have fun deciding who will be blindfolded first (you can flip a coin). One person is blindfolded and the other feeds them from the available selection. Encourage your partner to share their experience as they taste the unknown. A slow pace is encouraged for the full experience.

Now SWITCH! A delightful discovery is that it is just as much to do the feeding as it is to be fed. You can also have fun cleaning each other up when you’re done eating.

Orna and Matthew Walters, Relationship Experts, Creating Love On Purpose


From Predictable to WOW!

Routine is a relationship-killer. Which means that from time-to-time, you need to introduce something new to your relationship; or do something that is familiar, differently.

For Valentine’s Day, what could be more romantic than a picnic?  Cold weather?  Picnic in bed.

Surprise your partner with an invitation to “dine” ala blanket, then take care of preparations.  All he or she has to do is show up.

Spice up “dessert” with a romantic game (An Enchanting Evening) that’s sure to bring you even closer!

Michael Jonas, Time for Two

How are you planning to add a little romance into your Valentine’s Day celebrations?

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