The Six Over 40 Dating Tips Women Need

Over 40 DatingOver 40 dating is common these days and there are many methods involved in getting started. With all of the social media sites, online dating sites, over 40 dating has become very common. We polled experts to get the most important tips women need when starting the dating process.
Here are the six most important tips women need when starting the over 40 dating process:

#1 – "Red Flags, Red Flags, Red Flags"

Do not get involved emotionally right away; There are some people who are very effective with words and willing to tell you what you want to hear. It is a trap. Because once your emotions take over, more than likely you will start ignoring or making excuses to the red flags you start seeing along the way.
Don't seek instant gratifications; you will find yourself becoming more impulsive and preoccupied with the feeling how good you feel at that moment. This drug like feelings almost always short lived while leading you to disappointments.
Know yourself; be clear with who you are and what you want. If the person you met is not able to meet those expectations, don't try to modify or mold yourself to fit to their expectations. This is a sign of desperation. Remember, desperate person end up finding desperate people and end up loving in a desperate world.
Your first date; Insist on meeting at a public place, preferably in the city you are familiar with. If the other person insisting on something more private, walk away.
If the person insisting on coming to your house to pick you up more than likely you may be setting yourself up for being vulnerable. This way you can also avoid the possibility of being stalked, harassed etc.
If the person making excuses about their identity such as, not giving their full name, current picture or avoiding skype, more than likely they are interested in the game nothing serious. If and when you are ready to know the person more create a skype account and go to the next level of communication.
Make sure that shortly after meeting the person, tell your date that you will be making a short phone call to your friend about where you are and how things are going. Make the phone call in front of your date.
Your date is being sexually inappropriate, If the conversation is not what you anticipated, don't try to change the subject or try to smooth the conversation. Just get up and leave.
If your partner is consuming much more than usual amounts of alcohol or insisting you to drink, the individual may be struggling with addictions.

Dr. Simon Casey –

#2 – "Can’t be Too Careful"

While there are many wonderful men out there, there are also con men, criminals and good old fashioned liars.  If something doesn’t sound right or feel right, listen to your instincts.  If it’s someone you’re really interested in or have grown to care for, have them discreetly checked out by a licensed, professional private investigator.

Treat a potential mate for you with the same objectivity you would for someone involved with your child.  A thorough background check can prevent untold heartache and loss, or give you peace of mind if he checks out (and he never has to know).  Do not bring anyone around your children without at least doing a routine criminal background check on them.

 Nora Nelle, licensed private investigator –

#3 – Think positive thoughts

Even if you had a bad day, spend time focusing on what youre grateful for. A genuine smile can take years off.

Ever wonder why some cougars get men so easily? Its not just because of how well they take care of their bodies, but also because they take care of their inner selves. Part of nurturing ourselves requires self-encouragement. Make a list of things youre grateful for and remember them. A positive attitude is attractive.

Wing Girl Kim – Author of AlphaDog, Get the Bitch You Want: A Mans Guide to Dating, by a Woman –

Over 40 DatingWhat are your tips for "Over 40 Dating?"  Join the discussion at my discreet community – Women's Health and Beauty Answers – to see what real women are saying, and to share your secrets!

#4 – Be a Sleuth!

When dating online (and if you want dates, you need to be online), it's important to check out the guy before you meet him for the first time. This guy might be a total stranger, but after the first phone call, you usually get a full name with your caller ID. Thank goodness for modern technology! 
You can do a number of things with that golden ticket:
Do a search on You can enter the phone number and receive an address, age, how many people live at that residence. It's like winning the lottery!
Check Facebook. Even if you only have a first name and last initial, which is sometimes a guy's screen name, you can check him out on Facebook by entering the info you have + his town and state.
Bingo, you can usually find a guy pretty quickly that way, and you'll recognize him because his photo is most likely going to be the same as the one he posted on the dating site! You can tell a lot by any info he posts on FB that is visible without friending him. Very sneaky, but so useful.
And of course, once you decide to meet up with him, go to a public place, tell someone where you'll be, and use your intuition. If he seems shady, make the date short and go home. Without him following you!

Sandy Weiner, CPCC, ACC – Certified Professional Life and Dating Coach –

 #5 – Pouncing is for Tigers, not for women!

Even though you may miss those perky boobs, I’m pretty sure you have no urge to be a naive, insecure 22 year old you once were. Age brought wisdom, self-assurance, confidence and there is no need to lose that now that you are getting back in the dating world.  You are a wise, independent, amazing woman with a full life of her own. Just because a great man comes along, doesn’t mean you have to throw away your self-respect.  Hold back, take your time and don’t pounce on a great guy just because he gives you attention.

Marni Kinrys – The Ultimate Wing Girl and Founder of The Wing Girl Method –

#6 – Dating safety tips past age 40

Meet him instead of making him up in your head!
If you think you have met someone online whom you might like to know better, meet them in a very public place ASAP!  Just a couple e-mails and a phone call should be enough to know.  For your own personal and mental health, do not go on and on with e-mail exchanges before you have met a genuine human being in person.  Chemistry can truly only be detected and expressed when two people are in the same room with each other for an extended length of time.

Laura Lee Carter, M.A. Counseling Psychology –  The Midlife Crisis Queen
Master Blogger, Life Change Coach, and author of How to Believe In Love Again.

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On the road to a committed relationship, the dating process is involved. Leading experts say there are unique nuances for women dating over 40. Most importantly are safety tips due to the extra vulnerability women over 40 may be feeling. It helps to have advice from professionals before starting the journey.

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