Testing the Waters of Marriage

kmdsgfdsklajgThe saying “blinded by love” has a bit of truth to it. Often times the idea of marriage and family over power the negative feelings nagging at us about our partner. We have hair-brained ideas that things will change AFTER we are married… and most married women will tell you that isn’t the case.

With divorce rates skyrocketing, our expert contributor and NY divorce lawyer, Steve Brodsky, suggests testing the waters.  Learn how living together prior to tying the knot may help you with your decision to marry.

Know Your REAL Partner Before You Marry

Want to have a strong, lasting marriage? Get to really know your partner before you marry. Frequently, people get married too soon, before they’ve had the opportunity to experience many of the ups and downs that they will undoubtedly face during the course of their marriage. Remember, people are on their best behavior during dating and courtship, but once the honeymoon is over, things often change for the worse.

In my practice as a New York divorce lawyer, I see too many clients who claim that they “did not know their spouse was like this”. Instead of rushing into marriage and family, spend a few years together, and live together for as long as possible before tying the knot. This way, you’ll see first hand how your partner reacts to the stress of being together 24/7. You’ll also learn their habits, quirks, and commitment to fidelity before it’s too late.

Steve Brodsky, Esq., New York Divorce Lawyer, Brodsky LLC – Attorneys at Law

Do you think living together prior to marriage and family will help overcome the odds of divorce?  How long did you and your spouse live together prior to marriage, if at all?

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