Ten Common Problems in All Relationships

Whatever relationship we find ourselves in, be it friendship, marriage, mother in-law or father in-law, siblings, acquaintances we always find a away to have problems amongst ourselves that really need to be resolved.

10 Common Problems in Relationships

  1. Communication – This is at the forefront of every relationship. Quite simply we rarely listen to anyone most of the time but ourselves. We nod and acknowledge each other but most of the time we are more focused on getting our point across. When this outweighs its benefits we hit an obstacle and before long we are facing a problem. Communication at its basic level means both people must have the chance to say something and be heard. If there is no balance it is unlikely that any relationship would last.
  2. Pride – We all carry a certain level of pride within us that makes it impossible to accept advice or correction. Irrespective of our age or who we are talking to we must always believe that we can learn something from them. This is humility. Without this humility there can be no relationship. As long as one person believes that they are better than another and shows this in one way or the other there would be a problem. Once more there has to be balance. We are not robots so pride is acceptable as something that we can't avoid. Yet we should be willing to take the low ground and allow someone else to have the higher ground when it is necessary for balance to exist and for our relationship to prosper.
  3. Work – Relationships like anything else require effort and work to prosper. Having a friend and not taking the time out to call them or extend that hand of friendship without regret or expectation damages the relationship. Today technology has made it possible that we can reach anyone at anytime in most places in the world. There are really very few excuses why we cannot do this. Friendships require work and we must put in the effort to reap the rewards.
  4. Dishonesty – No relationship would last if there is dishonesty. This breeds a lack of trust and plunges the relationship into chaos. Regardless of how bad things may be we should endeavor to tell the truth. Once distrust becomes a part of a relationship it is doomed.
  5. Respect – Respect is another key aspect of any relationship. This is not respect just of status but that of friendship and individuals. With respect people are willing to listen to others without reservation. This is enough to give the relationship the time it needs to develop into something better.
  6. Patience – In any relationship there must be patience. It is the basis for understanding, better communication and allowing time for the relationship to run its course. It caters for unforeseeable circumstances and for tolerance. It shows that we have accepted each other for who we are.
  7. Forgiveness – There must also be forgiveness and kindness for our mistakes. This should strengthen any relationship and should be shown in deed as well as words. Without forgiveness there would be no relationship because people are bound to make mistakes time and again.
  8. Envy – Friendship cannot survive envy or jealousy. This must be avoided at all cost. It creates unhealthy competition that eventually leads to malice. We must find a means to get along without looking at the things that each other possess in envy.
  9. Appreciation – As humans we always want to feel appreciated. It is a part of us that makes us feel wanted and needed. This strengthens any relationship tenfold. We are all like kids in one way or the other and desire praise to feel appreciated. This is something that cannot go amiss in any relationship.
  10. Balance – Every relationship must have some form of balance whether it is in giving or receiving. Balance always works towards producing positive results. On one hand for those who are always giving they must know when to stop and allow the other person in the relationship to do their part. And for those who are always receiving they learn how to give if the giver stops. For the first time they realize what they are missing and begin giving in order to receive. This balance is heart felt and must be applied to all the other factors mentioned above which could cause problems in a relationship.

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